Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Impact Of ICT On Society

Information and communication technologies or ICT is about digital information passing between devices.ICT development has changed every aspect to the human society.It has affected our life in many ways.

The Impact Of  ICT On Society

>>Faster communication speed
         In the past,it took a long time for any news or messages to be send.Now with the internet,news or
    messages are sent via
    e-mail to friends,bussiness partner or anyone efficiently.

         With the capability of bandwith,broadband and connection speed on the internet,,any information can
    travel fast at an instant.It saves time and is inexpensive.

>>Lower communication speed
         Using the internet is cost-effective than the other mode of communication such as telephone,mailing or
    Korea Service.It allows people to have access to large amounts of data at a very low cost.

         With the internet we do not have to pay for any basic services provided by the internet.Furthermore,
    the cost of connection to the internet is relatively cheap.

>>Paperless environment
         ICT technology has created the term paperless environment.This term means informationcan be stored
    and retrieved through the digital medium instead of paper.Online communication via email,online chat and
    instant messages also helps in creating the paperless environment.

>>Effective sharing of information
         People can share and exchange opinions,news and information through discussion groups,mailing list
     and forums on the internet.This enable knowledge sharing which will contribute to the development of a
     knowledge based society.

>>Social problems
         There are some of negative effects of ICT.

         Nowadays,people tend to choose online communication rather than having real time conversations.
     People tend to become more individualistic and introvert theft,hacking.pornography and online gambling.
     This will result in moral decadent and generate threat to the society.

>>Health problems
         A computer may harm the user if they use it if they use it for a long hours frequently.

        Computer users are also exposed to bad posture,eyestrain,physical and mental stress.
        In order to solve the health problems,an ergonomic chair can reduced back strain and a screen filter is
    to minimize eyestrain.

ICT is redefining the economic,social and cultural scene.The impact of ICT is much more and further reaching than any other technology invented so far.ICT is empowering society in both the economic and social contexts.Digital Divide is increasing among and within nations.The Government should recognise that communication and knowledge are two interwined success factors.New challenges for governance and institutions be.

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