Wednesday, February 3, 2010


People interact directly with computer in many fields in our daily life.ICT help people in managing several sectors.But we have threats to computer such as viruses and natural disasters.

Name 4 main sectors that used ICT in their management.
>Banking system

State two differences between worms and viruses.
Worm-Operates through the network
          -Spread copies of itself as a stand alone program
Virus  -Spreads through any medium
          -Spread copies of itself as a program that attaches to other program

There are six types of security measures that can be used to protect our computer.Explain what is

   Cryptography is a process of hiding information by altering the actual information into different
   representation,for APA can be written as I?X.Almost all cryptosystems depend on a key such
   as a password like the numbers or a phrase that can be used to encrypt or decrypt a message.The
   traditional type of cryptosystem used on a computer network is called a symmetric secret key system.

   Firewall is a piece of hardware or software which functions in a networked environment to prevent some
   communications forbidden by the securitpolicy.Firewall implement a security policy.It might permit limited
   access from in or outside the network perimeters or from certain user or for certain activities.


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