Friday, April 9, 2010


Untuk tugasan cuti Tahun Baru Cina,anda perlu mengemaskinikan blog dan tuliskan satu refleksi mengenai Penilaian Kurikulum 1 untuk subjek ICT.Kekuatan dan kelemahan anda dalam menjawab soalan PK1 dan cara untuk mengatasinya.Nyatakan sekali langkah-langkah yang anda rancangkan agar anda dapat skor A dalam subjek ICT.

PK1 exam is really hard for me!!!I know i didnt study well for this exam because i have no time to do revision.Furthermore,i got a lot of homework and ict exam needed 20 lessons over to study.This all make me fall into a bad score!Well,this is a first exam and a new experience for me.Well.,for PK2 i will try harder than ever to get a high mark.I hope the result for PK2 will be better than the PK1!!    

  • Some questions are easy for me and i can answer it.Im sure i can answer it because i have read the notes that Pn.Zalina provide for us and the SCORE A book.
  • Same also,got many questions that i can't answer because the questions are difficult.Moreover i dont know the way to answer those hard questions.However i have try my best by writing the answers that cross in my mind..Hahaha...
  • I am weak in memorising..!Emm,one more thing is i didnt do revision well and I don't know how to construct good sentences to get a best answer.
  • I can't arange my time well!!!That is another weakness of mine!!!
Ways to overcome or solve it
  • I have to do a lot of exercises and study well!!!
  • I must ask teacher the lessons that i dont understand in class.
  • I must not be shy to ask questions to teacher or friends.
  • Always do revision.              

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